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Powerball Winners 3rd October


A €38,674,631 Powerball rollover jackpot will be going to one lucky ticket […]

Powerball Winners 8th September


The Powerball jackpot is now over $100 million (€85,838,500), and could be […]

Michigan Powerball Jackpot Winner Announced


A rollover in last nights draw means that the Powerball jackpot has […]

Powerball Results 28/03/2015

2 4 6 12 38 17

$40.000.000 View Detailed Results

Next draw is an estimated

$ 50.000.000

Time Remaining: 1 Days

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Powerball Odds

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Powerball Rules

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Powerball History

Learn here about how the Powerball began. From the initial planning to it's first draw and beyond.

Powerball Prize Structure

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