Play Powerball Lotto

Of course, you’ve heard of Powerball lotto many, many, many times. That big, huge, all American lotto that only Americans can play. Well, we are offering you a chance to become a part of that astronomically wealthy story, at least when it comes to winning the amounts of money so crazy, you’ll need (and be able to buy) a new life.

To play Powerball lottery you need to be an American. Well, not anymore. To win the same amounts of money offered to American Powerball players, you also don’t have to be American anymore. You just need to buy a ticket through us or place a bet on a Powerball lotto draw, and you’re in. It really is as easy as it sounds. On our site, we are offering you the opportunity to buy a ticket or place a Powerball lotto bet, which means you’ll play the game the same way the Powerball is played, and win the same amounts of money offered in Powerball draws, guaranteed by us.

So, when you place a Powerball lotto bet or buy a ticket through us, you do it as you would if you’d played the actual game. You choose five numbers out of 69 and the additional Powerball number out of the other 26. If your numbers are drawn you can win a jackpot (minimum of 40 million dollars) as well as eight other prizes. There is a difference between placing a bet and buying a ticket, though.

If you choose to place a bet, you are going to be betting on the result of the Powerball draw you have entered. On the other hand, if you choose to buy a ticket, you will be participating in the lottery in a traditional way. You get your prize either way, so there’s no difference in that aspect. If you choose to buy a ticket, you can do it here.

Additional prizes are divided into the following tiers: 0+1, 1+1, 2+1, 3+0, 3+1, 4+0, 4+1, and 5+0. You can also choose to play Powerplay, a multiplier which can be applied to all prizes other than the jackpot and can multiply all of them, except 5+0 which automatically multiplied by two, up to 5 times. All of those game options are now available to you also, through playing on our site.

Just remember, we are talking about the biggest money prize in lotto history: in 2016, the $1.586 billion Powerball jackpot was shared between three incredibly happy (and wealthy) winners.

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The Powerball draw takes place each Wednesday and Saturday at 10;59pm Eastern Time so you can expect to check your results here shortly afterwards. Let’s play and hope for the best!